Christian Music: My 10 Favorite Artists

I’ve been looking forward to this post. I love music. It’s a great way to express ourselves and to connect with God.

Like most people, what I like now may not be the same in six months. And anyone who knows me knows I can’t pick one favorite. How could I?

So let’s get to it. Below are my top ten favorite Christian artists/bands… for the moment.

My 10 Favorite Christian Artists | HISsparrowBlog | christian living


Blanca is beautiful (but that’s not why I love her). She has such a clean voice, lyrics that speak to my soul, and catchy music.

Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole has been around the music world for a while now, and she’s still going strong. It doesn’t really matter to me if I listen to one of her older songs or new ones – they’re all great.

For King & Country

I’ve liked pretty much every song this band has made, but it wasn’t until I saw them perform at Winter Jam that I realized how talented they are. I couldn’t tell you how many instruments they use to make such interesting music, and the lead singers – two brothers – usually switch parts so much you can’t really tell their voices apart.

Here’s my favorite song by them so far.

Jordan Feliz

I love Jordan Feliz’ sound. This is another artist I haven’t heard a song I didn’t like. Awesomeness right here.


This band has been around a while. I think I included them in my last music article where I said they weren’t really my style. They’ve grown on me now…so much so they’re one of my favorites. 😉

Tauren Wells

I noticed Tauren when he was the lead for Royal Tailor. To say he’s talented is an understatement.

I’m going to show you my favorite song by him – Hills and Valleys – but everything else I’ve heard from him is more upbeat. They’re all great, though.


This guy’s been one of my favorites for a long time. He just keeps putting out great music. I also love how he features other artists.

I can’t talk about TobyMac without also mentioning DiverseCity. They’re the band he sings with and a very talented group.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song – he has so many, but here’s one he did with Michael Tait (from DC Talk way back when and Newsboys now) and Kevin Max (also from DC Talk and then Audio Adrenaline).


I love this band’s sound, which changed a little recently since they added a fourth member. The band also inspires me because…well, read for yourself this quote taken from the band’s page:

“I don’t think we ever expected we were going to reach as many people as we’ve been able to reach. The fact we’ve been able to speak into millions of people’s lives is crazy. Thinking back thirteen years to when I was dealing with drugs and alcohol in a very serious way, to think I would one day have a wife and kids and a solid family and home life and then be playing music for a living—God is surely able to do more than we ask or imagine. That might be a big theme on the new record too. Something we’ve often said to each other in the last few months is ‘Look what the Lord has done.’ He’s just opened doors we didn’t think could be opened.”  

–Chad Matson, Lead Vocalist for Unspoken


I’d never heard of this band before Winter Jam a couple years ago. They were the best find there.

We Are Messengers

You may have heard one or two of their songs on the radio but really that doesn’t do them justice. They have so many more good songs, and Darren Mulligan – the lead singer – has an amazing story. It’s too long to include here, but you can check it out on the band’s Bio page.

Plus One

I thought I had my list together, but I’ve got to include one more. You get a bonus, I guess.

Newsboys is one of those bands who just lays it out there, which leads me to the song I chose. You may have heard it, but it’s a great song and a perfect example of their “tell it like it is” style.

Oh, and did I mention Michael Tait has an amazing voice?


I hope you enjoyed this list. Now I would love to know who your favorite Christian artists/bands are and why. Share in the comments.

Sing a new song! Psalm 96:1

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