Yet Again

I had given up posting an article this week. I must have started four or five different topics only to write a few paragraphs and hit delete. Nothing was working. Finally, struggling with self-doubt and feeling lazy, I decided it wasn’t happening this time.

I have this struggle a lot. I could tell you how many times the world has circled the sun sooner than I could tell how many times I’ve gone round in this cycle. Always I’m having to remind myself that God will give me something to write when the time is right. And if He doesn’t give me something by my deadline then…I guess I’m not supposed to post anything. Wow, this process is hard sometimes.

Yet Again | HISsparrowBlog | Christian living, trust, focus, insecurity

Well, to get on with it…I had a couple of revelations today, both related and meshed into one big one. One came while reading this post by Leslie Ludy said this:

The secret to becoming the radiant, beautiful princess of our childhood dreams is forgetting all about our self and becoming completely consumed with only one thing – Jesus Christ.

It’s so simple yet so true, and it’s amazing I have to remind myself of this.

The next revelation came after reading this post at Sarah said this:

Worries, doubts, fears, concerns plague my mind and I forget the why and what of this thing I do. I have been called.

And this:

The why of why I blog, is to give Him glory, to encourage His children.

I forget so easily. Nothing’s about me; it’s about Jesus. And when I forget that – when I take my eyes off Him – I sink.

This makes me wonder how many other areas in my life are sinking because of my lack of focus. When I take a comment personally from my husband…focus. When I feel like everyone around me thinks I’m stupid…focus. When I get angry with myself because I just can’t seem to be as attentive as I should…FOCUS.

Really, my biggest enemy is my self, which means this is a never-ending process – at least until Jesus comes to get me (Lord, let it be soon). So I’ll keep fighting the good fight, pick up my sword yet again, and lift up my eyes to the One it is all about.


I would love to hear from you today. Are you struggling with similar issues? Just have a little something to get off your chest? Drop a comment below.

God bless,

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