My Rainy-Day Playlist

My Rainy-Day Playlist | HISsparrowBlog | christian living, free playlist, christian music

It’s pouring outside right now. I keep finding myself staring out the window as I’m trying to get this post written. It’s a slow process though, because I write about five words before my eyes are drawn back to gray skies.

To be honest, the weather is reflecting something I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks—in a way I haven’t quite been able to articulate to anyone: how can I articulate to others what I don’t really understand myself?

But there’s a strange comfort in the rain I’ve never noticed before. I feel…heard. Known. As if God is telling me, ‘I know, Daughter. I feel you.’

In case you’re looking at the title of this post and wondering what this has to do with music, let me just tell you: music has a similar comfort. More specifically Christian music has a similar comfort.

If you’ve hung around HISsparrowBlog long enough, you know I love to do music posts.  We can express our joy, hope, trust, fears, pain, and sorrows to a creative God who loves to see us express ourselves creatively. 

I’d planned to do my usual music post: round up some great stuff and embed the videos. What I’ve done is similar, but this time I’ve made an actual playlist that you can just hit ‘play’ and listen while you do…whatever you do.

And that’s all the talking I want to do today. I pray this playlist allows you to express whatever you need to today. It’s helped me already. 🙂

God bless!

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Sing a new song! Psalm 96:1

For extra resources this week, I made the songs from my other music posts into playlists. Here you go!

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